Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal, Debit and all major Credit Cards 

2. Why Isn't My Order Going Through?

Cart is empty

Credit/Debit card declined by bank

Prepaid/Gift card was used as an attempt for payment method (Both are not accepted)

Required information during ordering process was incomplete (personal, shipping and payment info) 

Internet browser timed out due to inactivity (Must refresh browser and start over)

3. Why Isn't My Coupon Code Working?

Code has expired

Code was incorrectly spelled

Code format was invalid 

Code did not meet the purchase requirement 

4. How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping prices vary depending on your location, weight amount of product and shipping method!  You can find out how much shipping will cost before you enter payment information!  

5. What Is Your Return/Exchange Policy?

Please check out our Returns/Exchanges page.